Why You Choose Film Camera Over Digital Camera?
23.08.2014 11:46

Now though digital image technology is the most popular ammong consumers, many one may still prefer a film camera either for emotion reason or other reasons. Then whether a digital camera or a film camera? That’s a question. In fact, The two, film camera and digital camera have common points and differences. Now this article notifies you some differences between the two and some top reasons why you should choose a film camera instead of digital camera.

The biggest reason the results look different is the highlights. We're used to the way film looks. It overloads gracefully when things get too light or wash out. This mimics our eye far better than digital. Digital's weak point is that highlights abruptly clip and look horrible as soon as anything hits white. Unlike film there is no gradual overload to white.

Now which is better?

Both Film Camera and Digital Camera has their own distinct advantages between them from every certain aspect you look to it, what matters most is the quality it brings to us. If you are using a film camera there must be something that your prefer on the result. If you are using a digital camera there also must be something that makes you feel satisfied on the results.

My answer is neither is better on an absolute basis. It is mainly on the preferred choices of applications. Once you know your application the debate goes away. The debate only exists when people presume erroneously that someone else's needs mirror their own.

If and only if you're an accomplished artist who can extract every last drop from film's quality then film, meaning large format film, technically is better than digital in every way. Few people have the skill to work film out to this level, thus the debate.

People dig digital cameras because these devices are easy and convenient to use. However, the digital cameras cannot match the freedom of versatility and creativity of the film cameras.

Besides, the real image captured by film cameras cannot be done by digital cameras essentially due to the differences in the two media’s technology.  Technology based on silver halide is employed in film-based photography.  The film base is a piece of plastic coated with an emulsion of silver solution that when penetrated by light turns dark and creates a negative which is then chemically developed. The captured image in the negative is next processed and printed in an enlarger.



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