Why and How to Choose An Android Phone
20.08.2014 13:58

With the fast development of electronic products, Android system generates every effect on people’s life. Numerous Android apps facilitate your life in whichever aspects providing with information you need like weather conditions, traffic conditions, bus timetables, even the latest information of the events score instantly and timely according to your specific requirements. Android phone is beneficial itself and you still have to make a good buy of an Android phone.

Why Choose An Android Phone
Open Platform Advantages

Not only does Android technology provide a standardised platform to create new applications without developers having to worry about legal tangles, they also don't have the problem of making their inventions compatible with other platforms that run on different coding. This means that you the user will have access to an ever increasing flood of cutting-edge applications for download plus you'll also be able share these apps across the wide range of handsets and networks that use it.

Another exciting benefit of an open source platform is that because developers are constantly contributing to it, you will have a robust support network on tap to help you configure new applications.

At present, you can get your hands on an Android phone SIM-free from around ?80 at the entry level, rising to over ?500 for high-end handsets. Networks are currently charging standard tariffs that vary between ?15 and ?35. Since Android phones are still fairly new to the market, their cost has not yet dropped to levels as low as some would like, however this will certainly change over time because the very nature of an open source platform allows it to be far more competitively priced than handsets that carry operating systems from big name brands such as Windows, Apple or the Palm OS.

How to Choose An Android Phone
Operating System

The Android operating system is distributed by both the Google Mobile Service (GMS) and the Open Handset Distribution (OHD). You're advised to aim for a mobile phone that uses the GMS system since it will be guaranteed to pack the biggest punch compared to the OHD model in terms of having the most current services and facilities from Google and the Android market.

Brands Versus Priorities
These days most mobile manufacturers have jumped on the Android smartphone bandwagon, so if you're a devotee of a particular brand (except Apple), you should be able to buy one from them. On the other hand, to get an Android handset that best suits your preferences and needs, I recommend you make a list of the features that are top on your priority list and do your research in finding the models that match them. Also, be aware that Google updates their Android software at an incredibly fast rate, so if you want to stay fully up to date with the latest innovations, make sure to buy an Android phone that supports OS upgrades.

In fact, a growing number of Android users are choosing to purchase smartphones from China nowadays for its great and cheap electronic products becuae they are comparatively more affordable, off-contract and also unlocked. Above all, China Android smartphones have technical specs that rival the most recent and greatest Android smartphones available in the western world. Kingsbuying is reliable to provide you with most cost effective and quality Android phones and other electronic products.



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