Let Your Ear Enjoy Good Quality Sound with Bluetooth Stereo HeadsetNeuer Eintrag
28.07.2014 18:55

Putting on a stereo headset, the whole world is yours. You can throw yourself in whatever you are listening to. Of course a better quality headset definitely provide better effect for you. You and your ear will enjoy what you are listening better.

You will be able to use your Bluetooth Stereo Headset in such a diverse amount of places.  Whether you are at the gym, snowboarding, or casually running, this product will fit in perfectly for your lifestyle. At home, at work or at play, hours of enjoyment will be had!

Weighing just 100 lightweight grams, and featuring a comfortable and well thought out design ergonomically, these Bluetooth stereo headsets are made for all day use. It is easy to control your music and your calls.  With intuitive controls, you have your music buttons on the right earpiece and your call buttons on the left earpiece making it easy to control both your calls and your music. The rechargeable internal battery offers 15-17 hours of actual talk time and approximately 500 hours of standby time. You also get an unbelievable 12 hours of music listening time on a single charge! So get grooving and moving with this awesome product!

You can enjoy easy listening with your Bluetooth Stereo Headset.  It is so comfortable to wear with a ergonomic, behind the neck style…no more bad hair days for you!  You will receive the maximum acoustic experience with this amazing product.

With your Bluetooth stereo headset, you can do much more than just listen to music from your phone. You can upload music from your PC or personal home stereo system, even your MP3 player with a phone that supports Bluetooth 1.2. The headsets offer a hands-free and wire-free link up to 30 feet from a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or other Bluetooth devices.

Are you wondering what comes in the box?  Well, along with the one year warranty, you will receive the Bluetooth Stereo Headsets, your rechargeable supply power, a pouch to carry your headsets in and a handy, easy to you quick start guide to help get you started.

All in all, if you enjoy listening to music wherever you go but would like your cell phone, and music player to be an all in one device, or if you are tired of having too many wires and gadgets to keep track of, then a Bluetooth Stereo Headset is just the product for you need!  These headsets are simple to use, fun and easy to listen to and operate. With a mobile phone that is Bluetooth-compatible, you can quickly switch from listening to music to wirelessly answering calls on your headphones.  After using your Bluetooth Stereo Headsets for the first time, you will find yourself wondering how in the world you ever managed to carry so many gadgets and gizmos to provide you with entertainment before!  This easy, all in one practicality is an amazing product that you will be thrilled to use over and over again!  Order yours today….you will not be disappointed.



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