Let a Len be a Plus to Your Digital Camera
08.08.2014 15:37

Adapting a good qualtity camera len for you camera undoubtedly make it a plus to your camera and the photos you take with it. There are many types of camera lens you can choose from. Enough choices are ok but too many my make you confused. Now hope this article helps you determine a perfect camera lens for you.

The first is a wide-angle lens. Wide-angle lens in the traditional sense is referred to below 35mm focal length lens, such as 28mm, 24mm or even 16mm lens. In general, 24mm lenses are called following the ultra-wide-angle lens. However, because the vast majority of the market is not a full-size digital SLR digital SLR, the lens focal length is multiplied by 1.5 or 1.6, so it is for this type of SLR, 16mm ultra-wide-angle lens in order to count.

It features a short focal length, field of view, a wide range of shooting scene. In the environment can not narrow the distance increases, the use of wide-angle lens can shoot expand horizons, within a limited distance range or shoot panoramic scenes photos. Ultra-wide-angle lens also has a large proportion of rendering near, far smaller features have exaggerated the role of the prospect. In photography can take advantage of the special relationship they create perspective to exaggerate the scene of depth, highlighting the main part of the emphasis. Wide-angle lens focal length is shorter, longer depth of field, shoot photos near and far are very clear. Therefore, it is more than suitable for capturing some of the technical focus of activity late calmly, more appropriate news photo shoot scenes or indoor shooting family life photos. Because I wish angle wide-angle lens is large, large depth of field, in landscape photography it is indispensable photographic lens. Currently on the market is generally a plastic automatic cameras are equipped with a wide angle lens.

The second is the standard lens. Generally, the focal length is 50mm or 85mm. 50mm lens angle of heel closest to the human eye, it is called the "header." But only because of this, would like to use a good header is difficult because it is not ultra-wide angle or macro lens as the human eye can not feel able to shoot the picture. 85mm lens is generally portrait lens.

The third is the telephoto lens, typically 100mm or 135mm. Which is generally 100mm lens macro lens, 135mm lens is a portrait lens, but focused on portrait bust, and 85mm more focused on body portrait.

Focal length of 200mm or more in what we call a telephoto lens. In fact, this is very useful to a wide range of focal length of the lens, you can shoot landscapes, portraits or nature photographer (such as photographing birds, etc., especially above 300mm-400mm lens). However, these lenses are usually big and heavy, and the lack of image stabilization to help limit the use of or a lot, so the opportunity to actually use is not much.

Different SLR cameras need different lens.Read on the requirements of your existing camera and get the used lenses that will fit the most. If the only used camera lens you can get is the closest to the perfect fit, then you can get this as well.Finnaly,buying camera lens is a great way to save money.For some reason,every brans lens is so expensive.It may be so small but it is a very sophisticated equipment.It is very important to the camera's functioning .


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