How to Find the Best Camcorder
27.09.2014 11:00

If you’re looking to buy a camcorder to capture a special occasion, or just to use for a bit of fun, you need to make sure that the one you end up buying is right for you. You don’t need to look out for the best video camera in the world and spend a fortune on it as knowing your exact needs will help to figure out the best choice.

If you’re looking for the best possible picture and sound quality, and don’t mind sacrificing some portability, then an HD camcorder is better for you. They do tend to be the more expensive option, but the results will be noticeably better than most pocket models. You can also choose a waterproof camcorder in this category which can serve you better on crazy adventures or with naughty kids.

Here are some recording needs based on which you can decide which one can be called as the best camcorder for you

Shooting on the go

Let's start with the rough and tumble members of this group, the Extreme Sports camcorders. These cams are great for people who post videos on YouTube or other websites, and their small form factor and their ability to be securely mounted in a variety of situations makes them perfect for dynamic point-of-view shooting.

Many are waterproof camcorders and extra rugged, so they're great for young adventurers who want to document a life lived at high-throttle. The cams don't have a lot of zoom and usually no manual controls. They're designed to take in the world around you at a wide-angle setting. However, the lenses on the cams are very basic and the sensors are small, so the video may not look terrific blown up on a large HDTV.

Capturing memories that'll last

Get in close with plenty of zoom
You can't always get a front row seat, so you need a cam with some reach to get close-ups of your child's concert or soccer game. The important numbers to look at are listed as optical zoom. Some cams advertise high digital zoom numbers, but you may be disappointed with the results because the picture can get blocky and pixelated. So just look at a high number for optical zoom to get close enough to capture small details without losing picture quality.

Optical Image Stabilization
If you think you'll be doing a lot of close-ups, then also look for the best camcorder with optical image stabilization. Optical image stabilization uses mechanical elements in the lens to help compensate for hand shake. So even if you can't mount your camcorder on a tripod, this feature will help keep your video steady as you zoom in.

Digital image stabilization uses software and the image processor to cut down on camera shake. It's not as effective as optical image stabilization, and can sometimes make your picture look grainy.

Store your memories
Camcorders with built-in memory use either a hard drive or flash memory. These cams also include a memory card slot, usually for SD, SDHC, or SDXC cards, to let you expand your cam's capacity. Because high-definition footage requires a lot of storage space, you'll want to have plenty of memory available when you start shooting.

Get in touch with your LCD
Quite a few camcorders now offer a touchscreen LCD. The touch panel offers a few advantages. You can quickly scroll through the menu to select options, and even do a little editing without pushing any buttons. With many of them, you can also select your subject on the screen to assign them preference in a shot, or to focus on them. And in others you can use the touchscreen to take a still photo of your subject.

Pro-style recording
If you're serious about shooting video and want the very highest quality, you can take a look at a top-of-the-line or pro-style camcorder. These will have better video quality, more manual controls like manual focus, and often the ability to connect external microphones. These cams are great for budding filmmakers, or videographers who want the very best.

When you're looking at these cams, look for high-quality sensors. A three-chip camera will record red, blue, and green separately to deliver a sharp, color accurate picture. They also give you an excellent picture even when you're shooting in low-light settings.

Choosing the best video camera in a given budget is a difficult task indeed. I hope I was helpful on this topic. So can you now think of the best camcorder for you? Is it a waterproof camcorder or the one with the maximum zoom? Hope you found all your answers.


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