How Outdoor Security IP Camera Benefits You and Keeps You Safe
18.08.2014 14:13

Though currently, the whole environment is peaceful and safe, there still exist uncertain risks threatening your or your family’s safety. Installing an outdoor IP camera can more guarantee your safety for it captures and transmits video recordings via existing IP network at any time to let you be aware of what’s happening arround the home or office. Now currently, outdoor security cameras almost all become multi-functional to meet as many needs as possible more conveniently.

IP cameras are definitely sufficient to prevent crimes. It is the initial benefit of these cameras. By detailed snatch shot with email alert of motion detect, processions and basic security can be guaranteed and prevent from suffers. For both business and home security, they are of great value. In other words, they are absolutely meet the demands for all IP camera users.

In the following paragraph, I would need you to know more benefits of IP camera.

There is an interesting way to use IP cameras, which is used to monitor your dogs. This is great news for pet lovers. You can monitor what happened to your tiny friend anywhere anytime. For instance, a pet owner called Nat Morris, feed his dog by an automatic food dispenser as soon as an alert comes on twitter. Seems high-tech and you can try on your dog remotely when at work or on the trip.

Manipulation delay. Mainstream H.264 algorithm has high requirments for encoding and decoding equipment,Once the codec equipment can not meet the requirements, it will increase the required time for encoding and decoding, which will further cause video delay . Manipulation delay would first bring great inconvenience on the experience of the user operation .The IP system delay defects are difficult to be solved. in the next longer period of time.

How to ensure that the video packet transmission bandwidth is also a big problem. Once seize video transmission is blocked, the back-end will reflect the delay . Liquid media with the IP network transmission is only recently a large number of applications. Original IP network design can not tailored for the surveillance video of the liquid media transmission medium. When the video streams transmit in this network, the quality of service will be rare to guarantee.

The IP cameras are also applied to use for video conference and video teaching. You can easily get live video for remote meeting only need to decorate with a large screen TV or a board and an IP camera.

Besides its most basic functions, current IP cameras can have other features like water-proof and even WIFI, remote access, dual stream, day night, etc. There you may find various types of IP cameras out there, they all benefit you the same way mainly to protect you safe.



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