Decide What Are the Must-Have Accessories For Your Tablet
14.10.2014 16:50

With the wide popularity of tablet PCs, the demand for assorted tablet accessories increase rapidly. You may not prepare a complete set of accessories for your tablet, there are this or that one you may want to add for it. You may not carry your tablet around naked for the fear of being scratched or damaged. Or you want to make it more productive with a keyboard. Finding out what tablet accessories can do for your tablet and decide what are the must-have ones for your tablet. The followings are most common three.

1. External Keyboard

Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of tablet pcs is not being able to type very easily. Yes, there's a keyboard that comes up on the screen with all the keys, but you don't want to be doing an extended amount of typing with it. The portability of a tablet is fantastic, but if you're going to be typing a lot, it might be worth investing in a portable external keyboard.

Make sure the tablet you're considering buying is configured to accept an external keyboard dock. If not, you might like to review your options again. If so, you should be able to purchase one fairly inexpensively. Some models may even be compatible with a standard wireless keyboard. Check with the manufacturer.

2. Protective Case
Tablet PCs aren't cheap so spend the extra money for a case to protect it. The number one thing to guard against is scratches. With the whole thing basically being one big screen, you don't want to end up with scratches all over it, do you? Tossing your sleek new tablet in your bag with your keys, pens, loose change and whatever else is a sure-fire way to destroy your screen in no time.

You can buy cheap cases for under 10 bucks. But why would you when you've just shelled out a couple of hundred for your tablet? Most cases are between $20 and $50. Spend the extra money. There are plenty of stylish leather cases and many of them fold back to work as a kind of stand (ideal for watching movies!) There are even waterproof cases, but I'm not sure I'll be taking mine in the pool or the bath anytime soon, personally.

3. Digital Stylus (pen)
There are three reasons a stylus is useful. Firstly, anyone doing design work or needing to sketch concepts at meetings, etc. will find a stylus an invaluable accessory. Secondly, if you prefer to take notes with a pen (and/or don't have an external keyboard), this will be a comfortable way to take notes directly to your tablet device. And lastly, some people prefer using a "pen" to navigate around the screen and control what they're doing.

Fortunately, a stylus isn't an expensive accessory so if you think you'd prefer controlling things with a pen, this "digital compromise" might be for you. And if you have a need to add handwritten notes to your reports, brochures, presentations, etc. then this is the simplest way to do that!

Personally, the above three ones should be the must-haves for every tablet owner though there are lots more out there for your specific options like screen protector, HDMI cable, chargers, etc. You should never purely buy a tablet PC and let it be, you should know that you can get more by preparing it with various tablet PC accessories.


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