Choose An Adroid Tablet PC with Most Suitable Size For You
29.09.2014 16:32

Most of users get a tablet PC mainly for several common usages, namely surfing the Internet, watching videos, reading ebooks, playing games. But different consumer groups may focus on different usages. Unlike a laptop or desktop, tablets have no keyboard or mouse, thus, its screen becomes very important to act as both. Different size gives different visual effects. So you may have to choose a tablet with the most suitable screen size depending on your individual needs.

Touchscreens are not all the same as they come in many different sizes. In fact, the size of the touchscreen is so crucial that it denotes the actual size of the Android tablet itself. Some most common sizes are 6, 7, 8 and 10.1 inch touch screen.

Firstly it's important to say that watching videos and browsing web pages is OK on every Google Android tablet, but if you consider a 6 inch tablet which is only a little bigger than some smart phones then admittedly images may be a little small.

However, if you're after a really portable tablet then the 6 inch is unbeatable as it's literally pocket-sized.

7 inch tablets or 8 inch tablets are the norm in terms of size. They fit into the 'Goldilocks' zone, where they are neither to large, nor small. Although bigger than a smart phone, they are still very portable and will fit easily into a backpack or handbag. This gives you a great compromise between size and portability and you certainly won't be getting tired eyes anytime soon, so they are ideal for surfing the net and checking out your pictures or videos.

Finally comes the big daddy of tablets, the mighty 10.1 inch screen. Think iPad sized. This monster is brilliant for videos, pictures and reading, but since they are so large it is a struggle to argue for them being more portable than a laptop!

If you are a major consumer of media, then it's safe to say that the bigger is better, but there is a price implication. Whilst you can expect to pay 200 dollars or less for 8 down to 6 inch tablets, you should be prepared to pay perhaps at least 300 dollars for most 10.1 inch tablets due to their size.

After deciding how you want to use your tablet mainly, which size you prefer and narrow down your budget range, you can attempt to get your desired tablet from online store for less cost. Buying your tablet from online store makes a huge saving but compared with getting from a retail store, you may have to wait a longer time to finally get it.

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