Are you a so-called phone freak? Will you become nervous and insecure when your phone are out of power? Become fretful when your phone is out of power but find no socket to recharge for it? A portable power bank solves all these problems and recharge for your phone anytime and anywhere.

Smart phone has greatly changed people’s life pattern and made more and more people become phone freaks. They tend to become very nervous when they cannot use their phone normally, either when their phone is absent or when their phone is out of power or any other possible situations. Now when consumers are going to purchase a smart phone, one most important factor to be taken into consideration is that how long its standby time is and how long it can last when be frequently used. Though quite long its standby time could be, its power will be used up. It may be used up uncontrollably when you have emergent things to deal with. That’s situations where you exactly need a backup power bank.

A general power bank can be applicable to phones, tablets, PSP for different brands including iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc. It can come in handy when you are away from fixed power socket or when you have to travel. You can also find power bank with multiple functions. HAME A1 broadband 3G WiFi wireless router hotspot 1800mAh mobile power bank may be what you are looking for which cannot only be used as a power bank but also as a wireless router to provide WIFI. On one hand, it is a mobile power bank with built-in 1800mAh Li-pllymer battery. On the other hand, it is also a 3G router compatible with HSPA+ HSPA/EVDO/TD-SCDMA. It has unique remote shutdown technique which allows you to remote control its status of On or OFF. You can also find a power bank with LED light, solar charger with FM modulation.

There are more power bank choices out there, if you are interested and think it is practical, join in Kingsbuying now to choose one appropriate in size, price and electric capacity. You can find power bank with different electric capacity, designed with different shapes and different price range in your budget. Just get yourself a power bank to recharge for your phone anytime and anywhere when it needs.

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