3D Tablet - Experience 3D Effect to the Fullest Whenever
06.08.2014 13:58

Want to watch 3D movies but lzay to go out to a cinema? Easy! Just turn on your 3D tablet, lie on your couch or bed, search the movie you want to watch and press Play button. Of course don’t forget get yourself a cup of popcorn or something. Doesn’t it just like a minitype 3D cinema? That’s it. A 3D tablet allows you enjoy 3D effect to the fullest whenever you want.

Wondering whether have to wear 3D glasses to use 3D tablet to watch movie just like a 3D cinema does? It looks like some will require glasses but there are at least a few on the market which are glasses-free, though it is hard to find one readily available. There is nothing wrong with wearing the glasses to view the super crisp and vivid 3D picture on one of the new tablets but it would be awesome to see those graphics pop from the screen without the need for 3D glasses.

Aside from watching movies on a 3D tablet, having access to 3D apps is really something to be excited about. Playing games in a 3D format adds an entirely different dimension to the already often intense gaming experience. The benefit to playing 3D games on the tablet as opposed to a phone with a 3D screen is that the tablet will have at least a 7" screen, and often a 10" screen, which will really make the graphics pop and enhance the 3D experience even further.

In looking around for a 3D tablet it seems they are not that easy to find; there were a few on the market a year or two ago and then they seemed to vanish. It would be really awesome to see a 3D tablet on the market which could not only meet the needs of the consumer, but be affordable and surpass the ease of access and crisp features of the number of successful HD tablets and eReaders available.

Truthfully owning a 3D tabletwould be fantastic. Having the ease of portability with the advanced graphics of HD, which actually pop out of the screen in 3D, yet are not limited to only movies sounds amazing. Just think about all of the games available for portable devices now and how much more fun they would be to play in 3D. I think that a 3D tablet would really be the gamers' next big thing, and would entertain children for endless amounts of time on long trips as well. I see no drawbacks.

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